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Founded in 2014, Engineering Test Kitchen (ETK) provides high quality student teams, spanning engineering disciplines, to take on your projects. Companies of all sizes, universities and non-profit organizations have benefited from the focus and insight of skilled ETK members.

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Our Mission


Provide students with practical knowledge and experience


Team with clients to create high value solutions


Create a network of skilled Washington Univeristy engineers

The Executive Team

Founded and operated by a group of students at
Washington University in St. Louis

Jason Feibelman

Executive Director & CTO

  • Senior in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University
  • Majoring in Computer Science and Financial Engineering
  • Originally from Scarsdale, NY
  • Founder & CTO of Washington University Entrepreneur Society
Previous Employments:
  • Three-Year Software Engineering Consultant at J.P. Morgan
  • Summer Intern at Stoxx

Julian Neuman


  • Senior in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University
  • Majoring in Computer Science & Mathematics and Economics
  • Originally from New York, NY
Previous Employments:

Kristian Nilsen


  • Senior in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University
  • Majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Design
  • Originally from Oceanside, NY
  • Army ROTC Cadet
Previous Employments:



  • Junior in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University
  • Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Minoring in Energy Engineering
  • Originally from Glenview, Illinois
  • President of WashU Triathlon Team
Previous Employments:



  • Sophomore in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University
  • Majoring in Electrical Engineering
  • Originally from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Previous Employments:



  • Sophomore in the McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University
  • Majoring in Computer Science, Minoring in Math
  • Originally from San Jose, CA
Previous Employments:

Our work

Some of Our Projects & Partnerships

Each year we pick projects that will provide value to both the company as well as the students that are working on them. The types of project chosen vary from year to year.

Internet of Things Framework for Machine Health

Eaton Bussman

In this project, the ETK team is working alongside engineers at Eaton Bussmann to design and develop a creative IoT solution to be included in their end products. The team will work with hardware such as Arduinos and Raspberry Pi to monitor machine health for their end products, such as control panels, and aggregate data in the cloud for analysis to be used in preventative maintenance. This is an ongoing project.

Facial Recognition-Activated Control Panels

Eaton Bussman
Spring 2020

The ETK team worked with engineers at Eaton Bussmann, a local electrical company, to implement a facial recognition system to control access to switchboards and control panels. Python scripts combined with machine learning models were leveraged to achieve the goal of recognizing faces and safety equipment accurately to ensure security of the system.

Wearable EKG Monitor

Washington University in St. Louis Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
Spring 2020

The ETK team worked with professor Mary Ruppert-Stroescu helping to develop a wearable EKG monitor fabricated entirely from conductive textiles using conductive fabric patches as EKG electrodes and conductive threads as wires. We aided in solving many of the technical challenges faced, such as materials testing, the interface between solid electronics and textiles, software development, 3D modeling, and circuit design. Additionally, we are adding a respiratory monitor as well as an accelerometer for position monitoring.

GUI to Track Prescription Medications

Magellan Health
Spring 2020

The ETK team worked with employees from Magellan Health to design a GUI that can track the location of an individual's shipped prescription medications.

GUI to Track Effects of Radiation on Patient

Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine
Spring 2019

ETK worked with WUSM department of Radiation Oncology to use mm-wave imaging technology to localize radiation oncology patients consistently over a round of radiotherapy. Consistent localization is important for delivery of the radiation dose to the proper target while minimizing impact on surrounding organs. The main component of this project was designing a GUI that conveys information about the patient's position to the user.

Vision Recognition Algorithm

Joseph C. Sansone Company
Fall 2018

Our ETK team had the opportunity to work with Joseph C. Sansone Company, a nationally recognized real estate firm. The ETK team worked to design an application that uses vision recognition services for document and text matching. Specifically, the team worked with image and document classification, pattern recognition, image analysis, Optical Character Recognition (OCR),and Query by Image (QBI).

Parallel Computing for Data Analytics

Prattle Analytics
Spring 2018

The ETK team worked with Prattle Analytics, a startup that uses sentiment analysis to predict interest rate shifts, to create an application that used parallel computing for efficient data processing.

Infantile Aortic Pump

St. Louis Children's Hospital
Spring 2018

Students worked with Pirooz Eghtesady, the Cardiothoracic Surgeon-in-Chief at the Washington University School of Medicine and St. Louis Children's Hospital, to create a medical device to provide circulatory support in univentricular infants. Specifically, infants' hearts are put under significant strain during surgery and often times need functional support. This device was designed to be inserted into one side of the heart, connected to an external pump, and then reconnected to the aorta on the other side of the heart in order to remain within the patient for an extended period of time without causing any impairments.

Patent for Novel Water Purification Method

Washington University in St. Louis Office of Technology Management
Spring 2017

Team members worked for the Washington University Office of Technology Management (OTM) to test the viability of a patent for biofoam sheets for water purification. Team members built a solar still device and conducted field testing.

Machine Learning for Text Labelling

Clever Analytics
Spring 2017

The group worked on a machine learning module for Clever Analytics that used supervised machine learning algorithms to train a model and then label text, allowing users to glean insights from large sets of unstructured data.

Code Optimization

Tech Manufacturing, LLC

A team worked with Tech Manufacturing, an aerospace supplier, to refine existing computer code that models the behavior of equipment performing a manufacturing process.

Optimization Algorithm

Project MEGSSS

A team worked with Project MEGSSS (Mathematical Education for Gifted Secondary School Students) to develop a code-based optimization algorithm.

Heat Transfer Analysis

Prozess Technologie

A team worked with Prozess Technologie to do a heat transfer analysis of their product. Prozess Technologie is a St. Louis-based technology company designing, building, and implementing spectroscopic solutions for process measurement and control in multiple manufacturing sectors.

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